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Canadian Printing Resources provides high quality professional printing services for less! As a commercial printing company with more than 30 years in business, we are proud of our drive to provide outstanding results that go above and beyond our clients expectations. We provide industry leading service and total print solutions for you and your business.

Our specialties include:

  • One to eight colour web print with inline perforation
  • Fast production with over 20,000 8.5” x 11” sheets per hour
  • Long grain laser cut sheets and flyers
  • Two-colour envelope printing up to 60,000 per hour with great registration
  • Full colour brochures on coated and uncoated stock
  • High-speed cutting and folding

Our friendly and professional staff members are more than happy to assist you with your printing needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote or any additional information you might need regarding your print job.

We look forward to working with you!

High-Speed Lithography

One of the services we provide at Canadian Printing Resources (CPR) is High-Speed Lithography printing, otherwise known as offset printing. Offset printing is a method of mass-production printing in which the images on the metal plates are transferred to rubber blankets or rollers and then to the print media. The print media does not come into direct contact with the metal plates. This prolongs the life of the plates.

The main advantage of offset printing is its high and consistent image quality. The process can be used for small, medium or high-volume jobs. The two types of offset printing presses that we have at CPR are our sheet-fed offset printing press and our web offset printing machine. To learn more about which option is best for your print job, contact us for a quote.

*Rouse, Margaret. “What Is Offset Printing?” WhatIs.com, 1 Mar. 2011, whatis.techtarget.com/definition/offset-printing-offset-lithography.

Web & Sheetfed

Web and Sheetfed printing are the two types of High Speed Lithography printing that we offer at Canadian Printing Resources. Our web printing press is high-speed, through which large rolls of paper are fed. The pages are separated and trimmed after the ink has been transferred. Sheetfed is the process of individual pages of paper being fed into the press. This technique is cost effective and popular for small to medium sized jobs.

Concept & Layout Design

We can assist you in all of your printing needs. At Canadian Printing Resources we work with you from conception to completion. Call or email us to discuss your upcoming printing needs, and we will work with you to develop the best printing material for your goals. Our design team will ensure you are fully satisfied with your concept and design before it hits the presses! This is our way of ensuring that all of the details have been reviewed and mastered before moving on to the next step and receiving your final product.


Our prepress design team is meticulous and thorough when it comes to ensuring the product goes above and beyond your standards. If you have pre-designed artwork, our team ensures that the results are stellar and match the material that has been provided. We are proud to have provided excellent service to our customers for more that 30 years, and we work to establish long lasting relationships that are built on trust and stellar results.

Bindery & Finishing

Our dedicated printshop team is focused on ensuring your job is handled with accuracy and precision. In bindery and finishing we cut your job down to size, fold if necessary and fully complete your project. It is passed from department to department until it is finished to perfection and ready to be shipped out.

High-Speed Cutting & Folding

We have state of the art machinery in our warehouse that is used to complete your project. You can trust that Canadian Printing Resources will provide you will the best service and results. Our high-speed cutting and folding machines allow for precision and accuracy when it comes to completing your project.

Print Management

At Canadian Printing Resources we manage your whole project from start to finish. As soon as you request a quote, our committed team will work with you to meet your requests. Once the project has been put in motion it is time for our prepress design department to get working on your artwork. We encourage you to send in your pre-designed work or design online by viewing our products page. Our design team will ensure you are consulted every step of the way in order for your job to be printed just the way you want it. From our prepress design department, your project then hits the printshop floor where it is meticulously printed and finished with your end goal in mind. With a final approval from our in house production manager, your project is then sent off to the shipping department where it is then sent to you! To learn more about what our customers think of us, check out our Testimonials.

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